Terms and Conditions

Support Seekers is an interactive online support group. “Member” means any person who joins Support Seekers. By using the Support Seekers website, member agrees to comply with all of the terms and conditions hereof.

1. Privacy & Security: Members are responsible for all use of their own account, the integrity, confidentiality and security of their account, and for ensuring that all use of their account complies with the provisions of this Agreement.

2. Member Conduct: Member shall use the Support Seekers website for lawful purposes only. Member shall not post or transmit any material (i) which violates or infringes in any way upon the rights of others; (ii) which is unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, libelous, racist, profane, or is otherwise objectionable; (iii) which encourages conduct that would violate any law; (iv) which contains advertising or any solicitation with respect to products or services. Any conduct by a member that violates these terms will not be permitted. A member’s account may be terminated at any time, without notice.

3. Disclaimer: Support Seekers does not endorse the accuracy or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement, or other information displayed, uploaded, or distributed by members. You acknowledge that any reliance upon any such opinion, advice, statement, memorandum, or information shall be at your sole risk.

4. Suicide Disclaimer: This is not a forum for help if you have an emergency crisis or suicidal ideation. Please reach out to a friend, loved- one, or crisis center in your area immediately if you are facing a life endangering situation.

5. Monitoring: Support Seekers will monitor the content of the website to determine compliance with this Agreement, and have the right to edit or remove any material submitted.

If Member would like to terminate their Support Seekers membership, they may do so at any time by contacting us directly.