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    I am in Saskatchewan, Canada. I have been rather slowly recovering from some learned behaviours, mostly Familial and a strong tendency to General Anxiety Disorder. I do not need a diagnosis, but could use some social contact to strengthen the positive lessons I am learning. By just looking at the various concerns of your forum entries, I noted several of my own concerns, some personal, very personal, and some secret. I would like to introduce myself, but I think the best way might be to list my mental health concerns and invite anyone out there to comment.

    My list:

    General Anxiety Disorder

    Chronic Medicated Depression Ongoing

    Divorced from a cruel woman

    Worries about likiehood of my ex-wife’s conduct with my children

    Anxiety exasterbated health concerns

    Post traumatic effect on my new marriage and relationships

    No support groups in my area

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    Hello, it sounds like you’ve had some difficult life experiences, as well as current stressors in your life. While medication helps balance brain chemistry, talk therapy is also very useful, especially Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I’m not sure if you’ve tried this. You mention that there are no support groups in your area. Please check the Canadian Psychological Association website for useful resources in your area:



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