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    hello, I’m Brooke and I’m 16 and soon will be 17.

    so, I have been having these panic attacks out of nowhere, I never knew that I have panic attacks, I was completely fine, having great friends, family, and life.

    this all happen when I was at my grandparents for a week, everything was great until that night, I had this nightmare about death or the after life and fearing for adulthood.

    I couldn’t sleep that night, the panic was so bad that I threw up, I felt sick, so sick that I fear to eat. soon as I got home from my grandparents, I did felt a little better but the next day I been getting butterflies in my tummy and the panic was still there, I calm myself by drawing, it works at first but the panic was still there, its been weeks now and I do feel better but on sunday I couldn’t  sleep, I was panicking and feeling that there is so much negativity in my room which is weird, I love my bedroom, I feel comfortable cus all my painting, drawing, things I love are in my room and I love sleeping there but now not so much, I end up sleeping in my living room and as soon as i got there I was calm and fell asleep. last night the same thing happend but it was worse than before, I couldnt sleep at all, panicing and then out of nowhere crying, idk why I was crying it just happend. so I left my room and sleep in the living room but I didnt sleep until 3;00 am cuz my body didnt want to rest for some reason. im just so confused on why this is happening, I never really felt this way before, like its so bad that not even drawing helps, and it seems that the only thing that can make me feel better is my loving cat, cloe.

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