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    I have had depression a couple times in my life. This required medication. The first time was due to my divorce many years ago. The second time was due to the tragic loss of my son’s father (my ex). This was 5 years ago August/17. During this time I was also going through menopause and insomnia. Therefore, I remained on Celexa for almost 5 years. It helped me. I could sleep and I wasn’t crying all the time. This March, I lost my father & had to place my mother in supportive housing at the same time. I had spent the last couple of years feeling quite exhausted as I provided my parents with a lot of support so that they could remain in their home. In July, I decided that I was sick and tired of feeling like a zombie (due to the effect of the Celexa). Celexa always made me feel very non-emotional. So, I decided to taper myself off the medication while I was on a much needed vacation. Music started to sound better & life ingenetral seemed brighter. However, things are starting to get weird with me. This makes me upset because I don’t want to go back on medication & act like a zombie. My symptoms since coming off the Celexa are different than before. I have really good days and then out of the blue I will either start crying or become annoyed/angry very quickly. This does not last very long; sometimes a couple of hours and sometimes 1 day.  It feels like a roller coster. I really want to fight this without medication but unsure how and if I can really do it. I am interested in anyone’s thoughts as I don’t really have anyone to talk to. Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

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    Thank you for sharing. I understand your reasons for wanting to taper off the celexa, but any changes in medication should really be supervised by a psychiatrist. It sounds like you are having some withdrawal effects. Please seek medical advice regarding this.

    Sometimes medicine is needed  to correct a chemical imbalance in the brain. And sometimes there are holistic ways to handle this. Some natural ways to combat depression include slow deep breathing several times a day, meditation, exercise, positive social interactions, having a hobby, having a structured routine, nurturing spiritual development, staying involved in meaningful activities. There are also certain foods which enhance seratonin production, and sometimes increasing certain vitamins such as B12, vitamin D and iron can help. A support group, or talk therapy, such as cognitive behavior therapy, is also very effective in helping you to develop more healthy thinking patterns. All the above require commitment and consistency.

    But the first step is to seek a doctor (or psychiatrist’s) guidance. Tapering off meds, especially after you’ve been on them for so long, should be done gradually and under medical supervision only. During menopause many hormonal changes can also affect mood regulation, so it’s important to have a medical assessment to make sure there are no biological causes that may be affecting your mood.  It may seem like a bumpy road, but if you can find meaning and purpose in life, then this journey will be easier.

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