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    I have been diagnosed with glaucoma and am afraid I will lose my eyesight.  The treatment has caused severe dry eyes and I can no longer function. I cannot work or go out. I can barely manage a visit to the grocery store. And to top it off my hair is falling out. Mu husband says he is here for me.but I don’t want to ruin his life. I feel like such a burden and am terrified  he will no longer love me. I just want to die.

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    You cant change this situation, but you can change how you deal with it. Tell yourself that you are faced with a serious life-challenge, and that you have the strength to adapt to it. Pursue  the best medical treatment for glaucoma, and join a support group if possible.  Tell yourself that you are doing everything you can to treat this.  Hair loss can be due to stress, so do something to help you relax such as slow deep breathing several times a day. Remember, hair grows back.  Make changes in your activities, that help you adapt to this problem. Also adjust your own expectations of what you can realistically do. If this was happening to your husband, would you be there for him? I’m assuming yes. Life partners help each other through good times and bad, and lean on each other. If you are afraid of “ruining his life”, then do small enjoyable things together, that are manageable for you, that will enhance your relationship with him. We are not in control of  life, but we are in control of our thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. Stay hopeful that things wont be as bad as you fear, and also tell yourself that you have the strength to deal with whatever happens.

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