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    I’ve been suffering from this terrible eating disorder for the past 10 years. I’ve seen a therapist in the past but stopped when I came to Dubai (5 years ago) as prices are way too high. Do you know any volounteering groups or online associations dealing with eating disorder problems? I sometimes feel I want to scream and free myselves of all the negative thoughts dominating my mind and talk to ppl about it, but the only thing I am able to do is to cry in my room all by myself. I am very tired and feel I can’t handle things anymore.

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    Thank you for reaching out for help. If you are an expat in Dubai then it’s possible that you don’t have a good support network here: immediate family, extended family or old friends. But it’s very important to talk to someone who you feel close to. Talking to an understanding friend can help release some of the tension, and relieve depression as well. Oftentimes, eating disorders are comorbid with depression or anxiety, which compounds the problem. When you say you are crying by yourself, in your room, and feel helpless – these are signs of depression. If psychological counseling is not financially feasible here, is it possible to go back to your home country for a few months and enroll in an intensive treatment program? These can be effective in breaking the cycle of negative thoughts and unhealthy eating behaviors. It may seem inconvenient, but if that’s the way for you to get professional treatment, then please consider it.

    Although counseling services are expensive in Dubai, you may be able to secure a reduced rate – there’s no harm in asking. There are also some online support groups you can contact:



    Good luck.





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