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    Hi,  I have PTSD & mild depression,  I have been through counselling but still suffer with some anxiety issues (don’t feel like going out on my own).  It is almost an agoraphobia but I don’t get panic attacks.   I get overwhelmed easily.  I do have good days and don’t feel as nervous as some.  There are days when I stay in bed longer than necessary.  I don’t want to use medication as I don’t do well with it.  I am also post menopausal, empty nester and missing my “old life” , having a struggle with my new life.  Was very active & engaged, became disinterested in projects and less engaged.   Lost my Dad , had a family friend pass away, my husband worked away and I was struggling with loneliness.  Feelings of guilt for no reasons.   Life changes, moved from house to apartment and back again.  It’s been a long journey.  Just wondering if any other women have found what works for nerves and anxiety.  I am in yoga and try breathing techniques.

    Is this going to be with me forever or do hormones end up balancing and things get better?  Or is this my new normal.   Looking for some answers , support & someone who has some similar experiences to connect & dhare with,  maybe some help with how to deal with this new and not so nice normal.

    Thanks for listening.




    Hi Deb, I also have PTSD amd mild depression, add stress on top of that. I am 60 and find my life is sorta empty. I have noticed I am not doing much in the form of fun for myself, just regular stuff. I used to love to paint and do crafts; I have been looking at my life recently and know I need to make some changes. I will be starting yoga and meditation this week and also joined a 4 week painters group for beginners.

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    You both mention yoga, meditation and breathing exercises – these are proven to be therapeutic. A Harvard University Study has produced something called the PERMA model for life satisfaction:

    Positive thinking is acknowledged as a state of mind that focuses on what is good, not what is bad. So try to look at the bigger picture. Keeping a gratitude journal each day can help with developing a positive attitude.

    Engagement means staying involved in activities. Be as self-reliant as you can. Stay active.

    Relationships are a key factor to emotional satisfaction, stay attached and connected.

    Meaning in life keeps you motivated to get out of bed. Stay involved in something you are passionate about. It can be a hobby, a cause, a craft, anything that interests and excites you.

    Achievement is the sense of accomplishment; it usually results in positive feelings. But you have to actually do something first, this takes initiative.

    Each of the above involves purposeful action. Even if you have low energy, depression, PTSD, or any other challenges, remember that you can increase your satisfaction if you pay attention to each of the 5 areas described above.

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