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    Hello.  I was discharged from the hospital 3 days ago, after about a week and a half stay.  Prior to that, I was in a Crisis Stabilization Unit for 12 days.    I was being treated for anxiety and depression.  I’ve had a change of medication from effexor to zoloft and am taking lorazepam.  I feel out of sorts, tired and scared.  I have been getting some exercise, going out every day, eating and sleeping and trying to do something (however small) productive each day.  I am doing calm breathing exercises, listening to calming music and resting.  Is it normal to feel this way upon discharge from the hospital and if so, how long does it usually last?  Thank you.

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    If you’ve had a recent change in meds then it can take time for the body to adjust. You need to bring this up with the psychiatrist who prescribed the meds.  You may also be experiencing some difficulty in adjusting from the inpatient support to being back at home. You are doing all the right things by engaging in healthy behaviors. You may need more emotional support through counseling sessions to help you deal with anxiety and depression. Counseling can  give you cognitive re-framing tools, which can help you view things differently. A combination of counseling and meds is the best practice treatment for clinical anxiety and depression. If you are pursuing both treatments then you will more likely see good therapeutic results faster.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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