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Anger is your emotional response to a certain way of thinking. When you feel angry, ask yourself “what’s happening and what exactly am I thinking right now?”.¬† Is your thought an appropriate response to the situation, or is it out of balance? Ask yourself these questions: “Is there another way of looking at this?”, “How important is this really?”, “Will this even matter next week?”. By re-framing how you view things, you can change how you feel. Try to view things in a fair and balanced way, not a biased or an exaggerated way.

Anger can also be an expression of underlying pain. Do you have an unresolved issue that’s festering inside of you, causing dis-placed anger? Can you talk about it with someone, and try to work through it? Sometimes writing your thoughts in a journal can have a detox effect and help you feel lighter. Your mom is right about breathing. Try to practice deep breathing throughout the day. This helps release more seratonin in your body, which can help you stay calm. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose for a count of 4 seconds, and exhale through the mouth slowly over a count of 8 seconds. At the same time ask yourself, “How bad is this situation really, am I over-reacting?”. Insight and awareness of your thoughts, together with breathing right, should help reduce your anger.