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Hello Houda,

First of all please forgive the delay in responding to you. This is a brand new website that has been under development, and it is now fully operational. Thanks for sharing your problem. Clinical depression is characterized by low energy and loss of interest in activities. Causes for depression can be biological and/ or environmental. The first line of treatment is regular exercise which will boost your serotonin levels. This is the hormone that helps you feel happier. You also need to make a daily schedule for yourself, where you set goals and then actively take steps to support those goals. This means  engaging in everyday activities, even when you don’t feel like it at all. Each night write down a plan for the next day which includes exercise, eating balanced meals on time, outside activities and social interaction. Don’t allow yourself to cancel on friends. Tell yourself that depression is a downward pull, and you need to forcefully pull yourself up.  At the end of the day write down how you felt when you were engaged in these activities – chances are you will feel good. Journaling helps build self-awareness.  If you can acknowledge that staying active actually makes you feel better, then you will be motivated to keep trying.  When your self-talk (or thoughts) are draining and negative,  counter them by telling yourself balanced, positive statements that emphasize gratitude.  Stay focused and committed.

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