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I think I may have painted myself as a misanthrope, but that’s really not the case. I love the time I spend with my friends and family. I actually,  more often than not, tend to use those terms quite interchangeably. SS Moderator might be right when he/she attributes my personal need to be distanced from people to the fears of abandonment, rejection and hurt. Ggal, I understand what you are saying. A good gauge of mental and emotional health is by the company you keep. What I should have stated initially is that I like to keep my circle of influence quite small. Within that circle I include people that I have known for 15 years or more. Yes, I understand that expansion and change are necessary things in life to grow as an individual, and that experiences with friends and family help create a more rounded human, but when it comes enjoying moments, getting through hardships, and living life, I’d rather share it with people who I have taken the time to know and trust. But also, there’s a hidden comfort in sharing things with strangers and people you are getting to know. Case in point, these posts. To be honest, knowing myself, it’d be extremely hard vocalizing these emotions to a stranger or to a person I’ve just met. A lot of people I know find comfort and ease with new relationships, not saying I don’t like meeting new people or that I am a recluse, I just prefer surrounding myself with people who I know as good as I know myself.