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Dear Silver Change,

Adjusting to a new country and school is hard. Try to get involved in activities that you enjoy. Being with like-minded people will give you some common ground with them. Sometimes it’s easier to make friends during extra-curricular activities, when there’s more chance of one-on one interaction.  Have you tried initiating social plans with just a couple of people who seem open and friendly? Take a risk by asking them, even if the answer may be no.

You say you’re doing well in most classes. Have you tried offering to help students who may be struggling in a particular class? Invite them to study together?

Pay attention to your body language. Are you slouching around, looking glum? Is there something about your attitude that may be affecting how people perceive you? If so, force yourself to be pleasant, smile more and act confident. Are you perhaps trying to be a certain way, to get people to like you? Just be yourself – you were well-liked at your old school, so that  means you have proven social skills. It can take time to make new friends – remember that if you love and respect yourself, chances are others will too.