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When you were younger counseling helped you. Try to remember the tools that you learned then, and use those strategies again. Did you think more positively then? You say “the future seems bleak”. By predicting a negative outcome, you are mentally minimizing your own capacity to deal with this problem, and maximizing the actual problem. This will probably lead to your expectation, which is a “bleak future”. Instead, tell yourself that you have overcome many challenges in the past, and you can do so again now. Push yourself to engage in positive social activities – and rather than blocking this from happening by making negative predictions, give it a chance by putting your best effort into it. If you have a few friends, and some enjoyable activities, you will feel supported. Reaching out to people through your church may be a good first step. There are many self-help books out there as well. I recommend “The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook” by Bourne.