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You both mention yoga, meditation and breathing exercises – these are proven to be therapeutic. A Harvard University Study has produced something called the PERMA model for life satisfaction:

Positive thinking is acknowledged as a state of mind that focuses on what is good, not what is bad. So try to look at the bigger picture. Keeping a gratitude journal each day can help with developing a positive attitude.

Engagement means staying involved in activities. Be as self-reliant as you can. Stay active.

Relationships are a key factor to emotional satisfaction, stay attached and connected.

Meaning in life keeps you motivated to get out of bed. Stay involved in something you are passionate about. It can be a hobby, a cause, a craft, anything that interests and excites you.

Achievement is the sense of accomplishment; it usually results in positive feelings. But you have to actually do something first, this takes initiative.

Each of the above involves purposeful action. Even if you have low energy, depression, PTSD, or any other challenges, remember that you can increase your satisfaction if you pay attention to each of the 5 areas described above.