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Stress management is important. It can start with something as simple as slow deep breathing, several times a day. This helps your body produce more seratonin, which is the hormone that helps you feel more calm. Another way to reduce stress is to exercise regularly – which also helps elevate your seratonin levels.

When it comes to family problems, do you maybe need some boundaries? Where you tell yourself that you can’t control other people’s actions, so your role in resolving these problems is limited.  Sometimes we take on too much  personal responsibility for fixing things, and this is not always realistic. So recognize your limitations.

By the age of 60 you have life experience, you’ve been through lots of ups and downs I’m sure. So when you are faced with family problems now, try to keep them in perspective. How bad is the current problem, compared to the worst of life problems that you’ve already been through? Maybe this will help bump the problem down the scale a bit, and make it seem more manageable.