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Hello, it’s great that you are close to your mum. Maybe watch the depression video with her? It’s made by the World Health Organization, so she may believe in it’s credibility. Sometimes depression has a genetic component, so your mum may be able to identify other family members who had similar thoughts and feelings – these discussions may open her mind to accepting the reality of depression as a common mental health problem.

Since you like to write you can start journaling: each night write down 3 things you are grateful for, or 3 small things that made you even slightly happy or content during the day. It can be as simple as a cup of tea. Each day when you experience something even slightly pleasurable, slow down and savor it: notice it in detail, what did it taste like, feel like, sound like – use all your senses to cherish small good experiences. You can slowly re-wire your brain so that you focus more on positive things, less on negative.

When your thoughts are negative, ask yourself “how bad is this really?” Whatever it is, put it on a scale of 10 in terms of how bad it is. An earthquake would be a 10/10. A flat tire would be a 1/10 in terms of bad life experiences. So whatever is making you feel bad, use your rational brain to put it into perspective by using a scale to measure how bad it really is. You may find yourself re-interpreting many things so they don’t seem as bad any more.

Use the upcoming spiritual time to keep your thoughts as balanced as you can. God doesn’t want you to be sad. Take time to meditate: do slow deep breathing and clear your head of negative thoughts by focusing on just your breathing, notice how each breath in can purify, cleanse and energize you, and each breath out can release negative thoughts and energy from your body.