10 Benefits of Deep Breathing

  1. breathTo calm down.
    • Deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the brain’s response to relaxation.
  2. To detoxify the body.
    • The human body is able to release 70% of toxins through breathing. When an individual takes shallow breaths, it’s harder to release toxins from the body.
  3. To relieve pain.
    • When feeling pain an involuntary reaction is to hold our breath. However, when taking deep breaths the brain releases endorphins that help relieve pain.
  4. To be happier.
    • Taking deep breaths releases all the “feel good” hormones, resulting in a happier you!
  5. 2To improve posture.
    • When you breathe in, the chest opens up and the back straightens. This encourages a straight posture and reduces hunching.
  6. To strengthen the immune system.
    • When a deep breath is inhaled, oxygen runs through the bloodstream and attaches to hemoglobin found in the red blood cells. This enhances the ability to metabolize nutrients and vitamins. It also improves the quality of the blood as carbon dioxide is released when exhaling deeply.
  7. To strengthen the lungs.
    • When taking a deep breath, the lungs “exercise” and become stronger, reducing vulnerability to respiratory problems.
  8. To aid digestion.
    • The digestive organs receive a large amount of oxygen when taking deep breaths, resulting in better metabolism as well as more efficient absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste.
  9. To improve the nervous system.
    • When inhaling deeply, the nervous system (brain, spinal cUntitlefishdords, nerves etc.) is oxygenated, energizing and enhancing the body’s overall well-being.
  10. To bring clarity.
    • Focusing on deep breathing helps reduce the attention paid to negative thoughts.